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all i wanted was steak

my friend fred decided to take me out tonight due to the fact that i have been so upset lately. and thanks for the advice from everyone. i did end up flipping my matress over. he took me to go line dancing. i got to swing for the oyster, bang for the chocha, and dance for the dinalong. then i hurt my back during "achey breaky heart". and i tripped over a peanut on the floor. so fred said "if i went on the mechcanical bull he would buy me a girl." i didn't really know what he meant but it was probably good. so i got on ole chester the bull. i was able to stay on for most of the time but lost all my change and i chipped my tooth on the bull's head. i fell off and then eveyone started laughing at me. so i ran to the little boy's room since everyone thinks my pain is so funny. but they were actually laughing of the fact that i had a complete hard on.

me and fred left that place and went to a place called "high heels". fred said that they had great meat there. so i couldn't wait to get some steak. i walked in and all the waitresses where half naked. i just wanted steak. and i asked if they could get me steak and she bit my nipple through my shirt. fred said" that she was all mine." and i told him that slavery was outlawed a long time ago. god i love urkel. i asked her what time it was and she pulled me into a secluded room. and then she started sexually harassing me. which volates me and volates the law. so i stared screaming and all fred would do was give me thumbs up. then she grabbed me and put me over her lap. then she started spanking me. i didn't anything wrong!! mother tells me when i do something wrong. so i did the only thing i could. i peed my pants hard. and i kept peeing and peeing. she screamed "what the fuck!!" and then some big black guy comes in and knees me in the balls. then he kicked me out. i couldn't go back in there tp get fred so i had to sit on the side walk with cold piss freazing my pants to my legs while keeping busy with my slide whistle. why did i get in trouble? i was the one that got sexually harassed. the legal system is really messed up. i'm going to write a letter to congress telling them i got spanked and no matter how much i screamed no one cared.

i'm going to refrigerate my butt plug and have artic adventures
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