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i hate it when cousin dina comes over

my cousin dina came over today. she got really drunk and naked. she ended up rubbing her naked parts all over my friend chuck. i have never seen my cousin naked before. it just didn't look right. her tuna toco was hanging and i think she was wearing a diaper or something. it has a whole bunch of blood in it. i didn't quite understand it. i've never seen anything like it. another thing i noticed is that she had hair leading down into her ass. i thought only guys had that problem. her leg brushed up against me and i think she cut my face open.

this was all really confusing so i just walked away. i looked to my left to find that my red playdough was missing. SHE ATE MY RED PLAYDOUGH!!!!

the walking away didn't work. so i tired my best to help her out. when i saw her next she has herself spread out over the coffee table, shooting herion. mother was going to be back soon!! what do i do with my naked cousin doing drugs on the coffee table.

i quickly ran into my room to put on a dress to make me feel comfortable. i didn't know what to do so i called the cops. i opened the door for them to come in. but they plowed me over and started beating her down like the nice blackman i saw on tv once.

oh no mother is home!!! she sent me up to my room

so here i am sitting in my room hearing a bunch of shouting. i'll let everyone know what happens.
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