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so today i gave my gerbil henry a bath in the kitchen sink. after that i put him on the conuter and went to grab my hungry man diner and put it in the microwave for 12 minutes. i started hear this weird crackling noise and i looked inside.as i did i noticed henry was in there. i went to go unplug the mircrowave and i couldn't find the cord. i don't understand this new age technology.

i looked again and heard a big popping noise. henry had just exploded. so i gathered up his remains and scooped them into a noxzema container.

mother rushed in to check on the noise and tripped and knocked over the container and it spilled all over her.

she freaked out and pulled down my pants.

then she took the canoe paddle off the wall and started beating my buns with it.

she then took her glade cinnamin spray and sprayed it in my mouth cause i was cursing to clean my mouth out.

i waddled up to my room and was very sad and for some reason very horney.

then i watched my golden girls tape while wacking off and got sick from the sadness i had because henry was dead. so i threw up on my pee pee.

i am so sorry henry. i will meet you in heaven soon.
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