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pin ball fun fun!

so i went back to the bowling alley after being fired for so long. to my surpirse they got a pinball machine. it was so smooth like my newly shaven legs. so i started playing and playin and playing. i played so much i completley forgot i had to go to the bathroom. i was reminded when a warm log rolled down my leg. i couldn't stop it!!!flyswatter. since i was wearing pink shorts it fell right on top of my shoes. there were huge blast marks on the back of my pants. my sassy blue leg warmers were ruined ,but to my surpirse no one noticed. i went to go grab a towel to wipe the creamy nugget off my shorts. i couldn't believe i got away with pooping my pants in public. but then some handsome fellow came walking towards me. it turns out that towel was his "champion bowling shirt". i wanna cover myself in gasoline. he noticed the "racing strips" i added to his shirt. he punched me in the head and threw me down two flights of stairs.

when i woke up i was being strangled by christmas lights. it was mother! it appears that it was all a wet dream.

i'm gonna stick candy canes in my naughty who who hole
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