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shopping for mother

sorry everyone i just got from jail. i got caught wacking off in the comic book store. i didn't see anything wrong with it but what ever. :(

mother sent me to do errands at the grocery store. she wanted hair spray. i didn't know where to look for it so i saw something called "femininne products" something like that...i thought to look there. there were these weird cotton ball thingies there but they weren't shaped like balls. i know when things are shaped like balls.mmmm. it said "securely holds flueids" mother could use that i thought. she could use that for cooking. i don't know why but people were giving dirty looks. so i puked blood. mother is gonna be mad at me. blood is hard to get out of shirts.

maybe i should by her a present from this magical isle i've discovered. wow this stuff smelled good. "summers eve?"

at the register i asked the clerk to gift rap the summers eve and cooking cotton ball stuff. she did but she staired at me alot. i think she had a crush on me <3.

i returned home and gave mother her presents.

she broke my ankle.

well since i can't walk, i tried to see how far i could get a cucumber to go down my throat.
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