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i'm switching to pepsi

today i was making a ginger bread collage, and i spilled glitter all over my pants. then i relized the glitter would look great somewhere else....

so i stuck my wanger in the paste and dumped glitter all over it. ;).

while i was pleasuring myself with my glitter penis, fred happened to call. he asked if i wanted to go to a club in Sayerville. i was in a mood to shake my buns. so fred came over and picked me up.

we got to the club and i noticed they were playing alot of disco hits. i was happy about that! i danced the night away , but later on i got tired. so i sat down at the bar. some very nice guy named filacio asked me if i wanted a drink. i said "sure i'll get a chocolate milk" but instead i got a coke. a weird tasting coke? but i was really thirsty so i had 6 or 7 of them.

then i went out and boogied again. warm stuff started to run down my leg. oh well it must've been sweat or something. even though it smelled like corn beef? then i got really sick and filacio took me to the bathroom. what a nice guy for looking out for me. i went over the toilet throwing up. i guess coke makes me sick. then i felt a weird sensation. almost like a throbbing in the back ofmy pants. but i was seeing 4 or everything. also everything was spinning so i didn't really know what was going on. i tured around to see where filacio went and he was right behind me in me!! then he hit me in the back of the head with his platform shoe.

when i woke up it was morning. i had a note attached to my stomach from filacio. the note read " thanks for the nice night, by the way, i like glitter too". i aslo had blood all over the back of my dockers. i wonder what that was about? i just know mother is gonna be real mad cuz blood is a tuff stain.

i got up and called fred to come and pick me up. i asked him "what kind of club did we go to?" he said "a gay club"

i miss cathy lee gifford
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