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i'm hungry

i strongly dislike it when we are out of spinach pancakes....

fred was over and he got really drunk. he passed out from drinking so i got the idea to to hit him the head and wake him up with them. so i counted to 3 and turned on the light. i started hitting him with spinach pancakes while jumping on the bed. then i started screaming "oh the spinach pancakes fred!" fred replied with socking me in the nuts!!!!

so that means that i had to settle for fast food. off to mcdonalds i went. i had to borrow mothers go cart. it was beautiful outside simply magical...i felt like donald duck was holding my hand in a disney movie. AND.....*drumroll* i saw the biggest horse penis ever!!!!!! while driving. i like corn dogs.

fuck me bran muffin i thought.

i saw lights behind me. it was one of those guys from the wmca song. he told me that i wasn't allowed to ride a go cart on a main street. then i said "i'm just going to mcdonalds since i ran out of spinach pancakes cause fred threw them out the window" so the cop hit me with his night stick, pulled me out of the go cart, and then he hopped on it and drove away. i guess he doesn't like mcdonalds.
i had to walk the rest of the way. i saw a bee hive and wanted honey. in this one cartoon this bear reaches in there and he gets honey. i think his name was bugs bunny? so i reached into the bee hive to retrieve some honey, and my hand got stuck in it. so i tried to smack my hand into the trunk of the tree to get it off. the bees didn't like that. so they stung my roids and my eye balls. i could still see but everything was a bit blurry.

i wandered back on to the road. i saw a blue huffy bike with white tires a little ways up the road. so i hoped on it and peddled to mcdonalds. it was really really hot outside and i felt really sick but i had to get mcdonalds.

i got to mcdonalds and the bike didn't wanna stop. i guess the breaks didn't work no more. so i crashed into the mcdonalds wall. when i woke up 2 hours later i walked in everyone was giving me weird looks. then i felt really sick. everyone was looking at me weird like i just went down on mighty mouse.

so i decided to go in the ball pit/play place. when i went down the slide i clocked myself in the head and threw up in the ball pit. i got out and in horror all these kids were coming down the slide into the ball pit. AND they started playing in it!!!!

then i got yelled at cuz i didn't take my shoes off.

some soccer mom noticed that i puked in the ball pit. so she started yelling at me. but i was too hungry so i started eating her big mac. she threw her soda on me. but that just made me crap my pants. then i went bad in the ball pit again. what a great day!!!!

i'm gonna pretend i'm whoopi goldberg and shave my asshole while watching fantastic four!!!
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