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easter weiner style


i just stuffed 72 hard boiled eggs in my pants! a new record. then i came downstairs for easter dinner. and then mother told me to sit down at the dinner table. i explained to her that i couldn't sit down and when i did that, aunt rose told me that she hopes i die like jesus did in that movie "passion of something" i dont remember cuz i was preoccupied tweeking my nipple. so mother forced me to sit down. At that moment i felt a lot of pain as 72 eggs shells went up my johnny hole.

so i excused myself from the table i did the only thing i could do....put on my donald duck shoes...for special powers. and proceeded to dance furiously to cotton eyed joe. as i was doing that all the egg shells fell out of my ass and onto the floor.

i then relized mother needed those eggs for easter dinner. so i ran out into the garage and grabbed more eggs and came back to put them on the table. i had a couple left over from in my pants and i put them on the table as well.

aunt rose dove in. but then she started to choke. apparently she hand a massive bum hair stuck in her throat from one of the eggs that was in my pants. so i put on my mini mouse skirt to give myself super powers and give aunt rose the himilick maneourvor.

after that mother beat me with one of her custom made easter clogs. i retreated to my room and was really hungry, i had already eaten everything from my basket except this great stuff at the bottom of the basket.

i started eating it and eating it, but this candy didn't taste very sweet. mother busted in the door and smacked me the easter fish she caught that day. i called him herman until he was a weapon. now i don't like him anymore.

i am gonna go find the easter bunny and lick his bunnyhole while wearing my new janet jackson hoodie!!! :)
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